Vintage styling never goes out in trend in fact they came across generation by generation from clothings,ensembles,cars etc. As we embrace a new era of fashion, vintage remains one of the loved style specially on mens fashion. Nonetheless, got my inspiration from a NEWSPAPER BOY it seems that wearing this style reminds me of an old era and its like you are inspired to work (i hope so) haha, 

I tried to mixed the modern and classic look of a newspaper boy, I obviously focus on two colors first before getting more of a variety going. So in this case my primary colors are light blue and khaki, definitely a great mix. 

After i established the two i have the choice to follow through either choosing another color or just simply go on it. In this case i opt to wear a darker shade of blue, navy blue, which can also blends well with my two primary colors.

To make the look more vintage with a touch of modern i opt to wear a driving cap with details and NATO strap watch plus arm boozing! 

You can never go wrong with light blue and khaki.

If you noticed the strap on my watch replicates the colors of my outfit. Hehe

ARM BOOZING!! not enough though, but will definitely rock this in my future post.

Its all about details.

Whats on my pocket ba?? Hahah

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Driving cap (thrift) Button down and Vest (UNIQLO) Pants (Human) Shoes (Trod) NATO Strap (Asprey) Watch (Timex) Bracelets (gift)

Thanks for checking my blog!! I appreciate it so much..

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