Today my lil buddy just turn four, cant believe your starting to grow faster, soon you’ll be a good man better than me, i know you will and i’m counting on you my lil buddy. Stubborn you are, but you never fail to make us smile even in your sweet meanest way. We’re so proud to have you, we love you so much!  Stay healthy buddy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Oh, yes! having a child is the most wonderful blessings that we ever..ever had specially when you both share same common interest, at his young age he knows what he wants though not precise when it comes to dressing up, what i like about my lil mate is that whatever outfit you throw on him he simply pull it off effortless, im not being boastful here just because he’s my son, but because thats what i see, i appreciate cute and adorable kids who dressed like a grown ups, kudos to their parents who always kept their kiddos look at their best, cause i believe if your lil ones dressed good it reflects how you dressed too and how you take good care of them as well, even if you’re in your simplest outfit but your lil buddy has the swag, the credits will be on you. 









Liam prefers wearing shorts instead of pants whenever we go out, i guess because it was more comfortable compared to jeans so he can run and roam around easily, He wear tees most of the time and he like shirts too i just need to make sure its not snug cause he wont wear it whatever it takes!  

Chucks is his best friend, even when he was just starting to get his balance he prefers his red chucks instead of his adidas maybe because it started to get tight on him. He loves boots too though he doesn’t own one yet so he’s being content of playing my boots! Cap or beanie, watch and sunnies is a must for my lil buddy! It will pissed him off if you wont let him wear one of those! such a vain kid! 

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Thanks fellas for dropping by, we appreciate it! 



Who do you guys agree that, “a man looks his best in jeans and t-shirt” Well, if your goin’ ask me i do agree cause when your on it you’ll see how a person stand outs even in his unpretentious outfit, In relation to that i’d like to share some quick tips on how this humble wardrobe essentials can help you upgrade your T’s game.

T-shirts are truly a staple in practically every guy’s wardrobe. At first glance the T-shirt seems to be the simplest thing anyone could wear, with all T-shirts being practically the same, but for color and the designs printed on them. However in reality there are different style factors that come into play with T-shirts. There are different types of collars, fitted tees versus loose tees and of course, the length of a shirt.

The reasons i think T-shirts are great because they’re a piece of clothing that we should be comfortable with, but when done correctly it can give your outfit a really classic and edgy look.

"By the way let me make it clear,  that this tips are just based on my knowledge, observation and experienced, meaning this are subjective.


For me the way your t-shirts fit says a lot about you, if the shirt are too loose or baggy that the sleeves flopping on the shoulder whereas the ultimate stuffed sausage effect fitting famously know here as “SUMAN" is overrated, if your one of those your probably wearing an "ill fitting shirt" 

The perfect fitting t-shirt highlights the part(s) of your body you’re most proud of without drawing attention to the areas you’re conscious of. I know its a bit tricky, for example i use to wear medium size tee before, it fits fine on the body having enough space on the waist, fitting on the chest is ok as i want to highlight my pecs ( that was way back 2011 or 2012 when i used to be a gym buff :) lol) problem is the seaming on the sleeves, it completely hugged my arms and armpit which i find irritating! 

So i’ve learned how to adjust in terms of sizing and fitting, Listed are the things i consider on purchasing a shirt, this may also work on you. 

A classic t-shirt shouldn’t finish below the top of your hips, it should fall just below your hips, or a couple of inches below the top of your pants.

Short sleeves shouldn’t cover more than half of your upper arm.

A good fitting t-shirt isn’t restrictive, allows you to move comfortably and should never be skin-tight (with the exception of performance attire or sports wear). 

Lift your arms over your head. No belly showing? You’re in business



Its important to know too the neckline that suits your style and most important your built, i’ve tried all this kind of neck lines, from plains to printed once, and it good to know that it all works on me. 


  • Crew Neck these are the ones with the round collars and are probably what most men out there are used to wearing. They are great at being the base item for layering i.e. with sweaters, cardigans, shirts and even other T-shirts.
  • V-neck very on trend right now. As a beginner in fashion (LIKE ME), try not to go for anything that has an extremely deep V, more than a couple of inches and you’re pushing it. They are brilliant because they show a little more of your neck; making you appear and feel more relaxed and they help give guys with broader chins something to sit and frame them on underneath.  A grey, black and white V-neck are classic items you should have that you can rely on to go with anything.

  • Y-neck/Granddad - These are for the fashion forward guys, with Henley-style inspired knitwear and long-sleeves making a big appearance this coming autumn. They have a button-up section that ends just below the chest. Extremely versatile for layering as they can be buttoned to the top like a crew neck, or opened up like a v-neck. 
  • Scoop neck - personal favorite, a great item to have in your wardrobe if you are a man of tall build. mix with a denim shirt to stay on trend this summer or alternatively pair with a light weight cardigan or casual jacket to add bulk and definition to the shoulders.


I’ve already discuss the basic things to consider on choosing a tee, so its time to run down what tees you should own that are readily available in the market, regarding what is on trend and what should we kept in our closet as truly staple.


Oh yes! printed tees! i bet all you guys has a printed tee, i think one should own a nice pair but also consider the prints you’ll be choosing, make sure that the tee you choose wont be outdated and you can still wear em’ on whatever season was. But if your willing to wear it with all your guts and wont look your tryin’ to hard then that’s fine, your still in line.

The above photos shows whats really on trend right now its ok to have at least one or two of this kind. If you decided to have one, opt to a more neutral base color so even if its out-dated you can still wear em’ and easy to match with, look at the animal motif print, it has a black base color can be match with almost everything.   

For me i choose the floral and stripes as it goes to me well and its this a classic choice that i think i can play with even if its not on trend. 

These new variation of tees signals an opportunity to reintroduce or reinvent your outfit and be more creative instead of the usual printed tees we’ve seen most of time. But dont forget to stay classy. 


Another personal favorites, im a big fan of wearing plain tee from neutrals to the colored ones, I usually wore this when we go out like going to malls, or just simply hanging around, i even wear it on work, I know, some of you will say “BORING”, boring it is but once you master how to pull-off this “BORING” you’ll find yourself stocking lots of it in different cut and colors, and you’ll be happy to say “nah im good on this” trust me, it adds to your manly appeal specially when worn in rugged style.

I prefer to stick to the basics – solid, neutral colors (navy, gray, white, black) without any graphics or words. They go with everything, and their simplicity and colors are reminiscent of more formal clothing. They look like I made a conscious decision to wear it, rather than blindly pulling it from the drawer. I also find colored tees great for me i prefer burgundy, olive, rust, blue as its easy to match with.


There’s a lot of way how your plain tee can look interesting, like wearing a white tee over a washed slim fit denim pants and a boots or sneakers, plus add a little accessories it can be a leather bracelet, headwear (like flat cap, beanie, wide brim hat, trilby)  and your good to go mate. i usually match my plain tee with beanies, trilby, flat cap, to make that crisp classic rugged casual look.


There you have it, i hope this simple tips helps your tee game. again this are subjective, i believe that we have our own preferences if you find this tips of mine not related, my words for you “just let it be”. Its our prerogative to choose our own style mine was just a simple guide based on my own perception.

So if anyone of you has something to share that you think i missed, feel free to comment below, also let me know your favourite t-shirt brands and top tips.

till next mates! thanks for taking your time!


Hey mates! a round up on sneakers collab, have you checked what some of your favorite brand had been cooking? That the sneakers freak have been diggin the day it was announced, Check out some of my picks for designer trainers collaboration, though im not entirely sure if they will be available here in manila. Well, at least we’re glad to know that this limited edition collabs exist.


Who wouldn’t be mesmerized with this color-pop trainer, i myself was like “S#!T want it” with its nubuck and suede upper materials and ultra vibrant color that im sure not all of you would appreciate, but dont be off this will look good on a rolled up jeans and some plain tee or OCBD’s with your fave outerwear. Oh by the way END is well know menswear boutique in UK.


Indeed this is something all guys can pull off easily with its subtle color combination, a minimalist choice in terms of color and silos, imagine your self rockin’ this in a black sweatpants, a gray shirt or tee and voila! you already make a statement.


Need to say more? rest assured when it comes to elegance and quality NIKE will never fail you.  With this flower paisley like prints im pretty much sure that you’ll definitely grab much attention even in your slouchiest outfit. Check out the entire collection HERE


I know, its an high-end collab of the two fashion heavyweights, the reason why i pick this its because i like how the concept came out, the combination of colors and silos make the treads look equal, a givenchy inspired trainers with a nike attitude. see the entire collection HERE

There you have it, some of my picks, i believe that each one of us has its own choice so feel free to show it up, then let me know your thoughts too. 

Till next mates! thanks as always!